Friday, February 18, 2011

Make your own hair clips!

In my previous post I mentioned that I had made a cute little rainbow hair clip for my daughter's rainbow first birthday party and that I would tell you how to make them.

The good news is, that time is now, and this project is incredibly EASY!

Here are a small list of supplies you will need:

1) hot glue gun
2) metal double prong clips like these pictured below, you can find them at most beauty supply stores and some discount stores
3) ribbon of your choice, preferably something not too much wider than the clip, purchase your clips first so you have a guidline
4) scissors

Now the process is fairly easy. You'll need to fire up your hot glue gun, and always remember to be careful because it is really HOT! Then, take one end of the ribbon, open up the clip, and place it inside the clip, with the end closest to the hinge. Close the clip so the ribbon is stuck inside, and then dab a little hot glue while wrapping the ribbon around the outside of the entire clip (yes even over the hinge part so you can't see it), and then back inside the clip. You can then trim the ribbon at the hinge again and you're done! You can also begin like I mentioned above, and without the hot glue wrap the ribbon around the clip and cut before you start glueing to get a better measurement. When your finished it should look something like the images below. You should be able to pinch the side with the hinge, open the clip, and clip it into the hair.

My daughter is only one and doesn't have much hair yet, so it's only on rare occasions that she will wear these, but with the amazing selection of ribbon out there I know I will have fun making more of these for when she's older. I even found this fun vintage ribbon listing on etsy!

If you are daring or extra crafty you can even add buttons, extra bows of ribbon, felt, or fabric flowers.

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  1. ok Seriously....SUPER EASY! I totally should have figured this out....would work great with the little girls:) ha ha...I already have everything at home:)