Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leg Warmers

Before my second child was born I learned to sew something that would prove to be one of the most awesome things I could have learned to make for a baby/toddler! I learned how to sew my very own leg warmers, just like these called Baby Legs by brand name. As you can see (or if you are already a mom, then you know) that these name brand versions of these cute little leg/arm warmers are NOT CHEAP! So that is why I am so glad I have learned to make my own.
Now if you want to know how to make these yourself there are plenty of sites that show pictures in detail on the few specific steps (and even a few videos I found), unfortunately all I have are photos of mine finished. I can however give you a quick run through of what to do:

-First cut off the toes of the socks and discard
-Cut off the heal and discard
-This leaves you with the long "tube" part of the original sock and rectangle part of the "foot"
-Fold the "foot" triangle with wrong sides together to form the cuff
-Using a sewing machine (or hand sewing if you are patient or without machine) slide the cuff over the sock so the raw cut edges are both pointing in the same direction, and sew a stitch all the way around
-Turn the cuff down and the raw edges should be on the inside, where you can't see them, leaving you with cute little leg warmers!!

Here are some helpful tips to remember:

1) Look for women's socks, and depending on age look for these variations - Newborns-6m : women's tube socks or girl's knee socks - 6m-Toddler: women's knee socks
2) You can make these for boys too! Just look for socks that are in more boy-friendly colors or patterns
3) Don't look for fancy or expensive socks, look in the clearance section, or discount stores, I have gotten 3 pairs for $3 in the past!
4) When you finish and try them on your child, put them on like the original sock, which means the cuff you sewed is the bottom and goes near the foot (I say this because my husband always puts my daughters on upside down and they fall down!)

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